Recently, the Khanna campaign has been attacking Mike Honda for not living in the district. Ironically, as the San Jose Mercury News points out, Khanna only recently moved to the district, and only for his 3rd attempt to be a Congressman. Dr. Singh is the only lifelong candidate seeking to represent CA-17.

Honda vs. Khanna: Residency debate arises in Silicon Valley congressional race

Rep. Mike Honda doesn’t live in the 17th Congressional District he represents — but he has an explanation: The San Jose house he’s lived in for four decades was in the district until the boundaries were redrawn three years ago.

Ro Khanna, his Democratic challenger, does live in the district — but he hasn’t for long. Khanna has moved three times in the last decade as he pondered or pursued runs for various Bay Area House seats.

Republican candidate Vanila Singh, 43, proudly notes she is the only candidate in this race who grew up in the current district.

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