Congressional candidate Dr. Vanila Singh issued the following statement in response to a lawsuit filed Monday and news reports that Ro Khanna recruited two last-minute Republican candidates to split the GOP vote in California’s 17th Congressional District primary:

“Yesterday’s reports regarding Ro Khanna’s campaign and their efforts to recruit multiple Republicans in order to split the Republican vote are disturbing.  That a candidate or his supporters would tamper with an election like this demonstrates a deep and clear sense of entitlement.

“California’s top-two primary system is new.  And it should be respected, not manipulated by candidates desperate to gain an unfair and undeserved advantage through vote dilution.

“While Ro Khanna has been busy with other things, I’ve been focusing on the big issues facing voters in Silicon Valley: a lagging economy, healthcare reform, and skyrocketing federal debts that will crush our childrens’ futures.”