As a mother, I am deeply concerned that the opportunities we had for advancement in our education and careers are declining for our children. We continue to borrow for ourselves against their futures. Society is failing our children: the very definition of the American Dream—that the next generation will have better opportunities than their parents—is quickly moving out of their reach. Most middle class families feel like we are falling behind. We are seeing our jobs limited or outsourced—gone for good. We watch as the real costs of living—putting food on the table, gas in our cars, heating our houses, and educating our children—continue to soar.

Lower Taxes, Reduced Waste

Washington spends our hard earned money irresponsibly—racking up billions of dollars in unpaid bills each day and asking us for more! A dollar wasted by the government is a dollar which cannot then be used for someone truly in need, in our schools, or on our crumbling infrastructure. What we spend should have some relationship to what we earn—just like we manage our homes.

Smarter Healthcare

As a physician, I believe access to affordable healthcare is imperative, but must be approached responsibly and without sacrificing the very quality of care we want to provide. Big business and insurance companies all had a seat at the table on the latest healthcare legislation. Yet without representation from the very people who provide care, the doctors and nurses, who has been looking out for patients?


The American Dream is firmly rooted in education.  Recently in Sacramento,  some lawmakers proposed to reintroduce racial discrimination into college admissions with a bill known as SCA-5.  In the two centuries since our country’s founding, many Americans have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of equality of opportunity, and the primacy of merit.  Granting college admissions, promotions, or other rewards on the basis of race, sex or factors other than merit undermine their work and sacrifice.  Now more than ever we should be rewarding our high achievers with choices, and not limit their ability to self determine.  I stand against racially divisive politics, and will fight for fairness and excellence objectively and without prejudice.

NSA Wire-Tapping

To protect our freedoms and way of life, it is important for all of us to ensure that we do not turn America into a surveillance state where ordinary people have their everyday communications stored, databased and analyzed by the government without a warrant or cause.  The attacks of 9/11 exploited many weaknesses in America’s response to terrorism, as documented by the 9/11 Commission Report.  We expect our national security and law enforcement agencies to keep us safe and make every effort to prevent another terrorist attack on innocent Americans, but such efforts must be consistent with our constitutionally protected individual liberties.